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Auto Shear

Auto Shear: The Ultimate Solution for Quick and Safe Catalytic Converter Removal

Solid Equipment Company is a leading provider of cutting-edge vehicle recycling equipment in the United States. If you’re in the auto-recycling industry and seeking a reliable and efficient catalytic converter shear, look no further than the Auto Shear.

With its innovative design and powerful performance, the Auto Shear is specifically engineered to make harvesting catalytic converters and extracting precious metals a breeze.

Efficiency and Safety in One Portable Package

The Auto Shear is a portable, handled hydraulic shear that delivers exceptional results. This state-of-the-art tool is designed for speed and precision, allowing you to swiftly and safely remove catalytic converters from vehicles. Its hydraulic system and high-quality blade ensure clean and accurate cuts, while its ergonomic design enables comfortable handling and ease of use.

How It Works

Using the Auto Shear is simple. Start by sliding the shear’s jaw over the exhaust’s top on one side of the catalytic converter. Activate the controls, and watch as the blade effortlessly slices through the exhaust pipe, leaving a clean cut. Complete the process by making a second cut on the other side of the catalytic converter to free it completely.

Unlocking Precious Metals with Speed and Power

By investing in the Auto Shear, auto-recycling facilities can significantly enhance their productivity and yield precious metals. Its fast operation and powerful cutting ability make catalytic converter harvesting quicker and more efficient. Extract valuable metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium easily, maximizing your recycling industry profits.

Safety and Reliability Guaranteed

We prioritize safety in every aspect of the products we supply. The Auto Shear has a robust construction and incorporates advanced safety features to ensure operator and environmental protection. Trust in its durability, performance, and compliance with industry standards.

Upgrade Your Auto-Recycling Facility Today

Streamline your catalytic converter removal process, increase efficiency, and boost scrap metal processing capabilities. At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a wide range of high-quality recycling equipment, including the Auto Shear, to meet your specific needs and budget requirements.

Auto Shear for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following Auto Shear equipment:
Auto Shear

Auto Shear

Removing catalytic converters using conventional tools like angle grinders or reciprocating saws can be slow, tedious, or even dangerous, with plenty of sharp edges to catch your hands and arms. The AutoShear product from AutoDrain makes it quick and easy to cut catalytic converters free from salvage vehicles during the recycling process.

At Solid Equipment Company, we are proud to feature the AutoShear from our partners at AutoDrain. The tool is a cost-effective way to process catalytic converters faster, increasing profits for auto recyclers and salvage yards. Our company works with industrial recyclers, scrap yards, and salvage yards throughout the United States and Canada, providing valuable equipment that increases productivity, maximizes profits, and improves safety at these facilities. We offer both new and used industrial recycling equipment, and we work with our clients to find the best tools and equipment to meet their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Auto Shear simplifies the process by providing a portable, handled hydraulic shear specifically designed for quick and safe catalytic converter removal. Its efficient operation and powerful cuts allow you to slice through exhaust pipes cleanly, saving time and effort.

Unlike angle grinders or reciprocating saws, the Auto Shear offers a quicker and safer alternative. It’s ergonomic design and precise controls eliminate the risks of sharp edges catching your hands or arms. It is specifically engineered for recycling, making catalytic converter removal a breeze.

The Auto Shear provides several benefits, including increased productivity, enhanced safety, and maximize profits. Its fast operation and powerful cuts streamline the harvesting of catalytic converters, improving efficiency. Moreover, its robust construction and advanced safety features prioritize operator and environmental protection.

Solid Equipment Company provides a comprehensive selection of new and used industrial Auto Shears. We understand budget considerations and offer cost-effective used shears without compromising on quality. Contact our team at 888-813-9225 to learn about the availability and up-to-date information of any specific equipment you are looking for.

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