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Auto Shear


Removing catalytic converters using conventional tools like angle grinders or reciprocating saws can be slow, tedious, or even dangerous, with plenty of sharp edges to catch your hands and arms. The AutoShear product from AutoDrain makes it quick and easy to cut catalytic converters free from salvage vehicles during the recycling process.

At Solid Equipment Company, we are proud to feature the AutoShear from our partners at AutoDrain. The tool is a cost-effective way to process catalytic converters faster, increasing profits for auto recyclers and salvage yards. Our company works with industrial recyclers, scrap yards, and salvage yards throughout the United States and Canada, providing valuable equipment that increases productivity, maximizes profits, and improves safety at these facilities. We offer both new and used industrial recycling equipment, and we work with our clients to find the best tools and equipment to meet their needs.


Additional Info:

The AutoShear is a portable, handled hydraulic shear that is specifically designed to remove catalytic converters quickly and safely. Simply slide the jaw of the shear over the top of the exhaust on one side of the catalytic converter, and activate the controls to close the blade, slicing through the exhaust pipe cleanly. Make a second cut on the other side of the catalytic converter to free it completely.
With its fast operation and powerful cuts, the AutoShear makes harvesting catalytic converters and the precious metals they contain easier than ever for auto-recycling facilities.

AutoShear Features & Specifications

Powered by an electric over hydraulic motor that is mounted to a convenient hand cart, the AutoShear is quite portable. Both 120-volt and 240-volt versions are available for use in shops with nearby power outlets, plus there is a 12-volt, battery-powered model available for the ultimate in portability. The AutoShear features a quick-change blade in the event of dulling or damage, and its simple yet robust design makes it easy to service by experienced personnel with standard tools at your facility.

The full specifications and features of the AutoShear include:

  • A convenient hand-cart mounting system with heavy-duty wheels for portability
  • A total weight of 187 pounds, including the 20-pound cutting head
  • A choice of 240-volt, 120-volt, or 12-volt motors
  • 15 feet of hydraulic hose for plenty of reach
  • Height of 4.27 ft.
  • Width of 1.64 ft.
  • Depth of 1.64 ft.


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When you need the best tools and equipment for auto recycling, scrap processing, demolition, and more, turn to our experts at Solid Equipment Company. We offer industrial recycling equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, and we feature both new and high-quality used equipment at competitive prices. We work hard to provide equipment that makes our customers’ jobs easier and more profitable, and we feature great financing options to make it more convenient to upgrade to the latest equipment.

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