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Fuel Extraction

Fuel Extraction for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following Fuel Extraction equipment:
Fuel Extraction

Fuel Scavenger

Quickly and Safely Remove Fuel From End-of-Life Vehicles

It is inevitable that eventually, every vehicle will reach the end of its lifetime and can end up in a scrapyard. There are many fluids in a vehicle, including oil, antifreeze, lubricants, and gasoline or fuel. Properly processing the vehicle and the fluids inside it is essential.

Fortunately, Solid Equipment Company has the tools you need to make this process safer and easier. We offer both the Fuel Scavenger and the Fuel Tank Drill from our partners at AutoDrain. These tools can safely remove fuel from a vehicle.

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Fuel Tank Drill Supplier

Fuel Tank Drill

The quickest way to remove fuel from end-of-life vehicles

Safely and quickly removing fuel from end-of-life vehicles is critically important to prevent hazardous waste from polluting the area around your shop.

Fuel Tank Drill can be used in conjunction with our Workshop Fuel Scavenger to provide suction. This type of modular system is perfect for increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Unique water and sediment separation system is included as standard with your Fuel Tank Drill. This ensures that you retrieve clean, reusable fuel from end-of-life vehicles. The separation system also serves a dual purpose as a sight glass. Both single and double filter options are available depending on your recycling needs.

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