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Fuel Extraction


Quickly and Safely Remove Fuel From End-of-Life Vehicles

It is inevitable that eventually, every vehicle will reach the end of its lifetime and can end up in a scrapyard. There are many fluids in a vehicle, including oil, antifreeze, lubricants, and gasoline or fuel. Properly processing the vehicle and the fluids inside it is essential.

Fortunately, Solid Equipment Company has the tools you need to make this process safer and easier. We offer both the Fuel Scavenger and the Fuel Tank Drill from our partners at AutoDrain. These tools can safely remove fuel from a vehicle.


Additional Info:

The Importance of Fuel Extraction

Fuel is a highly hazardous material, so working with it can be dangerous. That’s why it’s critical to have the tools to safely and quickly remove fuel from the end-of-life vehicles at your scrapyard. With the Fuel Scavenger and the Fuel Tank Drill, you can prevent hazardous waste from polluting your work area.

These tools also allow you to dispense the fuel directly back into a storage tank so that this valuable material does not go to waste.

The Fuel Extraction Process

There is an order to removing the hazardous materials inside of a vehicle, and it is:

  1. Battery
  2. Refrigerants
  3. Gasoline or Fuel

Next, the following fluids should also be removed in any order:

  • Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Differential fluid (if present)
  • Windshield washer fluid

For more information on fuel extraction, contact Solid Equipment Company at 855-952-2226!

The Fuel Scavenger

>>Simple and effective

  • Offers low-cost compliance with depollution legislation
  • Suitable for removing valuable fuel from end-of-life vehicles
  • No installation required
  • Portable for ease of use
  • Suitable for use on all makes of vehicle

>>Packed with useful features

  • Sight gauge allows you to view the level of recovered fuel easily
  • Robust steel construction for a long service life
  • Comes supplied with three tools for ease of recovery: cone, tube, and hose


  • 120-liter capacity
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Low-pressure air discharge


The Fuel Tank Drill

>>Packed with useful features

  • Reversible drill bit, which keeps consumable costs low
  • Built-in swarf filter
  • Unique water and sediment separation system, ensuring you only retrieve clean and reusable fuel


  • Only one drill needed for both steel and plastic tanks
  • Suitable for use with both gasoline and diesel
  • Plugs directly into most fuel recovery systems

>>Easy & safe to use

  • Drill is lifted pneumatically to meet the fuel tank
  • Non-sparking, low rev, high-torque drilling system


Training Options

Training is vital to ensure you maximize profitability and longevity, and we have the following training options available:

  • Free online training information
  • Certificated training at our own ATF

A range of fuel tools and adaptors are also available as an optional extra to speed up your process.

Choose Solid Equipment Company for Your Fuel Extraction Needs

If you want a compact, efficient, and cost-effective machine for recovering valuable fuel, Solid Equipment Company has you covered. We offer a full range of new and used industrial recycling equipment throughout the United States and Canada.

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