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Demolition Arms

Demolition Arms: Power and Precision in Demolition Projects

Demolition arms, also known as demolition attachments or shears, are powerful tools designed to streamline and enhance demolition projects and scrap handling. These robust and versatile demolition equipment can be used with excavators, backhoes, or other heavy machinery to dismantle and demolish structures of various sizes efficiently.

Advantages of Demolition Arms

Efficiency and Productivity: High cutting force and precise control enable quick and efficient demolition of structures.

Versatility: Various sizes and configurations to accommodate different project requirements. Interchangeable tools maximize versatility.

Safety: Allows operators to maintain a safe distance, reducing the risk of accidents and collateral damage.

Precision and Accuracy: Advanced hydraulic systems and precise control mechanisms ensure exceptional accuracy and selective dismantling.

Demolition Arms for Sale

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer the following Demolition Arm equipment:

GRYB Demolition Arms

GRYB Demolition Arms

GRYB demolition arms are designed and engineered for the demolition of high wooden structures. Having female couplers on a bolted plate enables the use of the demolition arm on many different excavators. A bolted head enables you to use different types of claws.

They are compatible with all excavator brands. In addition to the demolition arm itself, a claw and one kit of bolting female couplers are included.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydraulic Alligator Shears

Demolition arms are designed to handle various structures, including buildings, bridges, industrial facilities, and more. Depending on what they are intended for, they can efficiently demolish concrete, steel, masonry, and other materials commonly found in construction.

Yes, demolition arms come in different sizes, allowing them to be used for both large-scale and smaller-scale demolition projects. They can be adapted to fit different machinery and cater to the project’s specific needs.

Regular maintenance, such as lubrication and inspection of hydraulic components, is necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity of demolition arms. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and scheduling routine maintenance checks is recommended.

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