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Scrap Attachments

GRYB Industrial Recycling Scrap Attachments

Businesses that handle large amounts of material, such as scrap, waste, soil, or demolition debris, rely heavily on machines like excavators, backhoes, skidsteers, and other heavy equipment. Without the right attachments for the job, these machines can be ineffective or inefficient at specialized tasks like pulling apart buildings, sorting metals, grasping unwieldy objects, or separating coarse materials from fine materials.

At Solid Equipment Company, we offer a variety of attachments for heavy equipment, including specialty buckets, grapples, magnets, long-reach arms, and more. We work with top manufacturers like GRYB to ensure that you can get the tools and attachments that you need to do the job properly. Our company serves industrial recyclers, scrapyards, waste processors, salvage yards, and demolition companies throughout the United States and Canada.

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Recycling Scrap Attachments Machines For Sale

2018 Link Belt excavator w/Grapple on Rubber tracks

2018 Link Belt Excavator w/ Grapple on Rubber Tracks

Model- 145X4
4 tine – large spade Grapple
Stick has 6’3” extension pinned to unit
20” rubber bolt on track pads- in good shape
101” knock down blade
This is a standard construction excavator, equipped with a stick extension and grapple.
Stick has small dent- (picture in gallery)


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Hyundai Excavator with LaBounty Shear

Hyundai Excavator with LaBounty Shear

Hyundai Robex 420LC Excavator with a Labounty MSD70R rotating shear

Hour meter shows 3300 hours
Machine runs and works 100%
Brand new turbo – No blow by or major leaks
Tracks and under carriage are extremely strong
Shear blades are nice and can be flipped again for a fresh edge


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grapple bucket gyrb


The GRYB grapple bucket was designed with two grapples to offer a robust product for your professional needs. The pronounced curvature of the grapples enables precision handling for your industrial recycling or demolition work. Grapple buckets are a significant asset in the transportation of any construction or industrial materials.

GRYB grapple buckets are ideal for loading and dumping at an optimized angle. The widest section of the grapple releases the blade. It features a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated travel damper. It also includes an oversized rod for intensive workloads.

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Bateman Orange Peel Grapples

Orange Peel Grapples

Do you have a high volume of scrap that needs processing? Grapples may be your perfect solution, as they can help you with scrap handling and bulk material handling, as well as sorting.

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Rail Cutter New York

Rail Cutter

This Rail Cutter equals enormous capacity. With its fast cycle times and incredible cutting power, the RRC will process tonnes of rail in the blink of an eye!

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RSS 100 Scrap Shear Supplier

RSS 100 Scrap Shear

RSS 100R that was on rent for 1 month.
It comes with an 8 month warranty

Replaceable cutting knives
The RSS Series is fitted with replaceable cutting knives and completely encased nose knives. The jaw design ensures that the materials are forced deep into the jaws, where the highest cutting power is available. The RSS Series body is assembled from high-grade performance steel and wear-resistant materials, making it extremely strong.

Upper head and slewing ring
The RSS Series has a strong rotating upper head and a heavy-duty, double-rowed slewing ring. The hydraulic motor and the gearbox in the upper head generate a high torque, allowing the RSS Series to be moved in every possible position

Specially developed hydraulic cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder with integrated speed valve, developed by Rotar, allows the jaws to close quickly and the RSS will effortlessly switch from speed to power mode as soon as the job requires more cutting power

The double hose connection
The double hose connection on the swivel and large diameter of hoses, bores, and pipes creates optimum oil flow. This connection stops heat building up in the hydraulic system, reducing the RSS’ fuel consumption.

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SCE Grapple

SCE Grapple

Forklift grapples and attachments supplied by Solid Equipment Company provide a safe and efficient means of completing heavier material handling tasks. Options from leading manufacturer Gusella-Bakker can be easily fitted to gasoline-powered, diesel, or electric lift trucks to create an efficient transportation and handling solution of recycled materials.

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Scrap Handling Magnets

Scrap Handling Magnets

Solid Equipment Company is proud to offer a range of industrial magnets and electromagnets that have been uniquely designed to increase productivity when handling, cleaning, and separating recycling materials. We are the experts when it comes to scrap handling magnets!

We are proud to partner with GRYB to bring you magnetic solutions that are adaptable to your operation’s specific needs.

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Shears Illinois


Enormous cutting power and rapid cycle times guarantee incredible productivity. The RSS series will cut tonnes of steel in the blink of an eye!

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Grabit2 Forklift Attachment Supplier

Grabit2 Forklift Attachment Item# 146


Demo Unit for Sale
(Video Below)

The most versatile, heavy-duty forklift attachment for scrap, bags, recycling, and beyond. Compatible with small orange peel grapples, clamshells, and specialized equipment.

Unit comes with:

– GFL6_2                              Main Beam

– SHM135/K/0                   4.5 ton Grapple with 5 tines (130 liter capacity) and hydraulic rotator

– Y07150A1                         Upper suspension plate 4.5 ton

– AG045146A1                   GFL link for K Rotator 4.5 ton

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