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GRYB Demolition Arms


GRYB demolition arms are designed and engineered for the demolition of high wooden structures. Having female couplers on a bolted plate enables the use of the demolition arm on many different excavators. A bolted head enables you to use different types of claws.

They are compatible with all excavator brands. In addition to the demolition arm itself, a claw and one kit of bolting female couplers are included.


Additional Info:

GRYB demolition arms are compatible all makes of excavators, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit with you make or model of excavator.

Optional Features

GRYB demolition arms have the following optional feature:

  • Water jet system for dust suppression


Trust Us for Your Industrial Recycling and Demolition Equipment Needs

Solid Equipment Company specializes in top of the line recycling and demolition equipment. For optimizing your material recycling or demolition activities, we’ve teamed with GRYB to supply premium demolition arms. Demolition arms are manufactured specifically for the demolition of high wooden structures.

GRYB Distributor

If you are interested in purchasing GRYB demolition arms, contact Solid Equipment Company today! GRYB is committed to innovation and ambition in its mission “to become and remain the worldwide leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for heavy machinery.” Solid Equipment Company is proud to be one of the North American distributors of GRYB equipment.

GRYB offers heavy-duty attachments like buckets and demolition arms, as well as magnets and electromagnets to ensure that whatever your industrial recycling or demolition operation requires, you have the ability to do get it done in an efficient, affordable fashion. Their equipment is adaptable to all types of machinery already on the market, so you won’t have to make multiple purchases to make use of GRYB’s technology.

Available Anywhere in the United States

Solid Equipment Company provides a wide range of industrial demolition and recycling equipment in addition to demolition arms. Wherever you are located in the United States we can take care of your industrial recycling equipment or demolition needs; we process orders anywhere nationwide. We are committed to working with our customers to provide the best equipment for their needs. We are invested in the profitability of your endeavors!

GRYB demolition arms are the high-quality demolition equipment you can count on! Call 855-835-3942 today!

Contact Solid Equipment Company for Your Demolition Arms

Our experts can help you to solve any of your industrial recycling and demolition challenges. GRYB demolition arms allow you to accomplish demanding demolition jobs, and they can fit with all brands of excavator. We are proud to supply high-quality demolition arms. Because they fit all brands of excavator and can be fitted with different types of claws, the GRYB demolition arm has the versatility and power to serve your needs.

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