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Guide to Copper Wire Granulators

Copper is a valuable material, but it, unfortunately, gets scrapped or lost frequently during industrial applications. Copper wire granulators are a great solution to this problem, as they allow copper wires and cable to be recovered and recycled for reuse. If you work in a facility that produces a large amount of material or industrial waste, consider copper wire granulators to ensure no copper is unnecessarily wasted.

How It Works

Different types of wire granulators will employ different methods to separate copper, but essentially, all wire granulators will take copper cable or wires and separate the copper part from the plastic that insulates it. The common way a wire granulator works is as follows:

  1. The first step to separating out a copper wire is to feed the scrap wire into the wire granulator. The wire that you feed into the machine will be insulated, and the insulation is exactly what the wire granulator is trying to remove.
  2. Once the wire has been fed into the machine, the granulator starts to crush it into a fine powder, hence the name granulator. The machine will shred the wire into tiny grains that can then be reused by manufacturers.
  3. Now that the wire has been crushed into a powder, the next step is to separate the copper powder from the plastic. Because copper is a highly conductive material, machines can use electrostatic separation to separate it from the non-conductive plastic. With the high-quality wire granulator equipment options from Solid Equipment Company, you can recover far more copper than lower-end machines.

Uses for Copper Wire Granulators

If you work in a scrapyard or anywhere where copper wiring or cabling might be getting thrown out, you’ll benefit greatly from a wire granulator. While this machine serves a single purpose, it is an extremely valuable one. Compared to many other metals, copper has higher ductility, making it desirable for many uses. As such, reselling copper from a salvaging business can create a decent profit.

While you could, in theory, have someone separate out the copper wire from the plastic by hand, the sheer amount of time this would take would be exorbitant. Solid Equipment Company’s wire granulator options are able to process massive amounts of copper wire, making them a highly efficient and lucrative choice. Some machines can also separate out aluminum wiring.

New & Used Recycling Equipment From Solid Equipment Company

If you are considering purchasing a copper wire granulator, Solid Equipment Company has the machine you need. Our team strives to make your recycling business more productive and more profitable, and we serve industrial recycling facilities, scrapyards, vehicle recyclers, and demolition companies throughout the United States and Canada. We offer both new and used recycling equipment from leading brands and manufacturers of industrial recycling equipment. With multiple options for wire granulators, we are bound to have the best solution for your needs.

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