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EXCEL 2 Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor Item#207 SOLD!!!!!


EXCEL 2 Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor

Model:                 2R63

Serial #:                2R6021

Date of MFG:     2001

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Additional Info:

EXCEL 2 Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor


Height:                                 62” (158cm) Loading 52.5” (135cm) Frame

Length:                                 16’ 2” (493cm)

Width:                                  16’ 11” (516cm)

Chamber:                            60” (153cm)W x 29.5” (75cm)H

Feed Opening:                  54” (138cm)W x 40” (102cm)L

Shipping Weight:             32,730 lbs. (14,846kg) (as shown)

Main Cylinder:                  2 – 6” (15cm) Bore x 74” (188cm) Stroke x 4” (10cm) Hard Chrome Rod

Eject Cylinder:                  6” (15cm) Bore x 66” (168cm) Stroke x 3.5” (9cm) Hard Chrome Rod

Oil Reservoir:                    105 gal. (399 liters)

Independent Pumps:     34 Gal. (130 liters) Pressure Compensated Horse Power Limited Piston Pump

Motors:                                20 HP TEFC 230-460 V 3 PHASE

System Pressure:             3,000 PSI Automatic Mode (3,250 Maximum)

Overall Platen Force:      159,467 lbs.

Platen PSI:                           95 PSI

Cycle Time:                         29 Seconds – 21 Sec. Short Stroke

Estimated Bale Size:        60”L x 48”W x 30”H (152cm L x 122cm W x 76cm H)

Directional Valve:            Hi-Flow Cushion Shift Design

Enclosure:                           NEMA 12 RATED

Controls:                              UL/CSA/CE Approved NEMA 12 Rated

Bale Weights (estimated)

OCC:                                      1,200 lbs. (544kg) 4.2 TPH

Magazines:                         2,000 lbs. (907kg) 9.4 TPH

Newspapers:                     1,500 lbs. (680kg) 8.0 TPH

Office Paper:                      1,600 lbs. (726kg) 8.0 TPH

HDPE:                                    1,100 lbs. (499kg) 3.3 TPH

PET:                                       800 lbs. (363kg) 2.1 TPH(May vary with percent of capped bottles)

Aluminum Cans:               625 lbs. (284kg) 3.0 TPH

Tin Cans:                              1,200 lbs. (544kg) 5.6 TPH


Automatic Tie System                    Hour Meter                                        Replaceable Hardox Wear

Bale Discharge Table                       Interlocking Construction             Liners

Lower Photo eyes                            Air to Oil Cooler                                Percent of Bale Complete

Full Platen Penetration                  Regenative Circuit                            Indicator Lights

Short Stroke Selector                     Bale Release Door                            (50%, 75%, 100%)



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Item: EXCEL 2 Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor Item#207 SOLD!!!!!