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Iron Ax Enviro Vehicle Rack Item#218 SOLD



USED Iron Ax Enviro Vehicle Rack

Rack is powered by air for safety.

weighs 7,000.

100% portable.

609 gallons of secondary containment. This secondary containment is in addition to the 720 gallons of fluid that you can collect with the Enviro Rack.

Very low maintenance because it is powered by air.

Simple and easy to operate. Each rack is equipped with 4 adjustable arms, 4 funnels and two air drills. The arms are 100% adjustable and can easily be put into position and locked down so they can’t move. The operator stays clean and dry the entire time.

Set up for one or two man operation. It is a very fast system. Tires can also be removed with the vehicle on the rack


Additional Info:

Funnels are equipped with drills through the center to insure there are no spills
• Air drills are used for speed and safety
• Antifreeze is drained is piped into the holding tank.
• 249 gallon catch pan
• All 4 storage tanks have a 180 gallon capacity
• 360 gallon lower tank built into the floor beneath the catch pan
• All tanks have a sight gauge and a guard over the gauge
• 4 foldout catwalks for easy tire removal* (optional)
• Grated catwalk for floor safety
• 25 ft. retractable hose reel for air wrench
• Adjustable car rack allows for any size vehicle and can be setup so that the vehicle can be tilted to the left or right for liquids to drain to one side of the tank
• The upper part of the Enviro Rack stores air for you and serves as an on board air manifold
• Each Enviro Rack is equipped with a fire extinguisher
• Fluid can be discharged out of the tanks using air pressure
• All tanks are equipped with lifting eyes for easy handling



Height: 7′ 4″
Length: 16′
Width: 6′ 6″
Weight: 7,000 pounds

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