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Wheel Rim Popper


Do you have a collection of old, used tires that you need to recycle? A wheel popper is a tire removal machine that works to remove scrap tire material from steel and alloy rims by up to 240 units per hour. Using this recycling equipment can save you money by reducing labor costs and saving you time in the process.

What makes the wheel popper especially desirable? This fast and efficient tire-recycling machine separates tires from steel and alloy rims in just 15 seconds on average, which will be crucial for you in managing your day-to-day productivity.

While other tire removal and recycling machines can be strenuous or taxing to use, the wheel popper is easy on your back and may reduce the risk of injury. One machine does it all — steel, alloy, light commercial, and 4×4 equipment included. When all is said and done, the wheel popper works quickly and provides a fast return on investment.


Additional Info:

Specifications of Wheel Popper Equipment

The specifications of this wheel popper equipment are as follows:

  • Dimensions — 67″ x 45″ x 90″
  • Cylinder pressure is 1,450 psi
  • 1,700 pounds
  • No installation required
  • All-steel compact design
  • Power options: Three-phase electric motor 240 or 480 volt or 12 hp Gas Honda Engine
  • Easily moved with a forklift
  • Process 8-18″-inch rims
  • Can be used on steel and alloy rims
  • Accessories: Spoke Pusher, Poly Guard

Wheel popper equipment is fast and efficient, easy to use, and is specially built to last. Its compact design means it can be easily moved and placed using a forklift. It can also be moved to the depollution bay of your business to maximize efficiency.

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Featuring Up to 800% Efficiency Gains

Typically, the process of manually removing tires from wheels takes a few minutes per wheel. Operating at a processing speed of 15 seconds per wheel, the wheel popper can help you to save tremendously on labor costs. In some cases, operators have processed roughly 160 or more wheels in a morning. The design reduces bending & stretching, which in turn reduces operator fatigue & risk of injury

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Wheel Popper FAQs

Can I use single-phase power with an electric wheel popper?

Our electric wheel poppers offer only three-phase motors. If your facility has just single-phase power available, our gas powered wheel poppers may be the best option for your needs or we offer invertor or phase converter.  Contact our  sales team at Solid Equipment Company for a quote.

Does a wheel popper work with alloy wheels?

Yes, it works with both steel and aluminum alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are more brittle, however, so the wheel may have to be repositioned once or more to successfully separate the tire from the wheel.

Is it ok to use this machine outside?

No, it is best to use under cover and protected from wet weather.

What is the “Spoke Pusher” used for?

This is an additional tool to be used when separating alloy wheels with spokes that have large gaps between them. It should not be used for steel or normal alloy wheels


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