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Why Buy Used Recycling Equipment?

Buy Used Recycling Equipment

Recycling equipment like Wheel Poppers,  Electric Motor Recycling Machines , or Wire Granulators can be a significant investment if you are buying new equipment, but there are often used options available that can be a great value. Why should you consider buying used equipment for your recycling facility? Here are a few reasons that may make sense for your needs:

Equipment Cost

Used recycling equipment will obviously cost less than new equipment.  Recycling equipment can depreciate quickly due to its use in harsh environments, so the purchase price of used equipment is often far more affordable.

Equipment Upgrades

Buying used equipment can be a great way to upgrade to a better model for less. If you need to upgrade to a scrap handling magnet or a grapple,  for example, or you need a shredder that can handle larger amounts of material, buying used can allow you to upgrade without paying a premium for new equipment. Plus, if you are buying recycling equipment that was replaced simply because it no longer meets the capacity or feature needs of the original owner, that equipment may be in good overall condition for the price.

Exploring New Markets

If you would like to explore more recycling options for your business, buying new equipment may not make financial sense until you know there is a profitable market available for the material you would like to process. For example, a used electric motor recycler or wire stripping machine can be a good option if you would like to expand into copper recycling without a large upfront investment. Once the market is proven and you are making a profit, you can consider upgrading or buying new equipment.

Expanding Your Business

As your business grows, you may need to add more workers to keep up with demand. It may not always be possible, or even advisable, to equip new workers with the best equipment possible. Used equipment gives you the opportunity to expand your business faster with a smaller investment. And in the case of new workers, equipping them with a set of used hydraulic shears, for example, instead of new ones, reduces the loss should they dull the blades or break a hydraulic hose.

Used Recycling Equipment at Cost-Effective Prices

When you are interested in quality used recycling equipment for your scrapyard or recycling facility, turn to our team at Solid Equipment Company. As a nationwide dealer of scrap recycling equipment, vehicle recycling equipment, demolition equipment, and more, we have a wide range of both new and used equipment available at all times. Our company features top-quality products, competitive prices, and impressive value.

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