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Electronics Processing Line Item#204


Electronics Processing Line

New, never installed

Includes the following pieces:


US Recycling Automation Systems E50 Electronic Waste Shredder

 E50 can process up to 3ton/hr

Electronic Waste Recycling Solution

technology to separate composite materials.​

Excellent for small household appliances, telecommunication, IT, hard disks, etc.

Excellent preparation for the final separation process

Up to 99.9% composite separation

Less than 50% fines created compared to other systems

30 – 50% less power consumption compared to a shredder

Technical availability up to 95% due to easy and fast access to wear parts

Impurity detection system integrated

Automatic rotors stop function (<15sec)

Low increase in material temperature due to constant air flow

Highest occupational safety due to completely closed system

Permanent material extraction once final corn size is reached

Fire/spark detection and suppression system can be added easily (optional)

Sparta SP02 Puncher Collection Conveyor

33 feet long

24 inch wide belt

1.5 HP motor


Cleveland Vibratory Screen

Distributed by Cleveland Vibrator Company

Model EMS-2448-RE-13-6(2)

24” Wide x 48” Long


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Item: Electronics Processing Line Item#204