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ORV Mid Class Hydraulic Breakers


2,500-7,500 foot-pounds class

  • ORV2500
  • ORV3000
  • ORV4000
  • ORV5000
  • ORV7500


Additional Info:

Powerful Solutions for Your Industrial Recycling Operation

Breaking up recycled concrete, asphalt, and similar materials can be a chore. Still, the materials make excellent aggregate in new concrete and paving projects and a durable road base or fill. Hydraulic breakers do quick work of demolishing concrete, asphalt, and rock for reuse or recycling, operating as an equipment-mounted jackhammer to split the materials into smaller, more manageable pieces that concrete pulverizers and hammer mills can further process.

When you need powerful, field-proven hydraulic breakers for your industrial recycling operation, turn to our team at Solid Equipment Company. We feature hydraulic breakers from Okada, including the TOP series and the ORV series. With ratings from 150 to 15,000 foot-pounds of force, we offer models compatible with skid steers, miniature excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, backhoes, and full-size excavators. Our company serves industrial recyclers, scrap yards, the construction industry, and more, providing the specialized equipment they need to get their jobs done efficiently and cost-effectively.

ORV Series Hydraulic Breakers

  • 14 models
  • 150 to 12,500 foot-pounds
  • Open and box housing design
  • Suitable for the skid steers, compact excavators, track loaders, backhoe-loaders, and excavators.

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Item: ORV Mid Class Hydraulic Breakers