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MG 150 Wire Granulator


The MG 150 is a compact copper granulator specifically built to recover copper from electrical cables while consuming minimal energy. This equipment is capable of processing 330 to 660 lbs. of material every hour. The MG 150 granulator has the ability to separate fine and rigid wire through a pulverizing and separation process, and has a self-cleaning mode that reduces maintenance and removes dust.


Additional Info:

The MG 150 wire granulator is a high-performance machine designed to efficiently process all types of copper and aluminum cables. With a compact design and user-friendly controls, the MG 150 is both easy to install and simple to operate.

But that’s just the beginning – the MG 150 wire granulator brings with it a host of benefits that make it the perfect choice for your wire recycling needs:

Superior granulation: The MG 150 wire granulator uses a blade mill to finely chop copper wire, resulting in unparalleled granulation quality. This machine is capable of processing up to 550 pounds of cables per hour, producing nearly pure copper scrap with less than 0.2% plastic contamination.

Versatility: The MG 150 wire granulator is equipped with various screens that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different wire sizes and types, making it the perfect solution for recycling scrap from a variety of different sources.

Low maintenance: Designed to be both durable and low-maintenance, the MG 150 wire granulator requires little upkeep and can be easily serviced by your team or our experts if and when needed.

Environmentally friendly: The MG 150 wire granulator helps you do your part for the environment by recycling used wire and cable and reducing waste in landfills.

Overall, the MG 150 wire granulator is a reliable and efficient machine that provides a cost-effective solution for recycling copper and aluminum cables. With its superior granulation quality, ease of use, and eco-friendly benefits, it’s the clear choice for any business looking to improve their recycling process. Order yours today and experience its unparalleled performance for yourself!

Efficient Copper Wire Separation

Copper is one of the most widely used elements in construction today because of its versatility and conductive capability. It is difficult to estimate the value of all the valuable metals that have been discarded into junk piles and landfills during the past century. However, with the compact MG 150, used copper wiring and cable can be separated and recovered through a 99.9% effective granulating process. When you recover copper from scrap wires with a granulator, you have more value in it than you would have with unprocessed copper materials.

Wiring from discarded vehicles, demolished structures, electric motors, and other sources is an abundant commodity waiting for you to recycle it. Separating copper wiring from the harness or housing would have been a dangerous and tedious manual task until efficient mechanical processes were developed!

How Profitable is the MG 150 Compact Granulator?

Separation and granulation are the keys to efficiently removing valuable copper components from wires and cables. The MG 150 granulator can process up to550 lbs. of cable and wire materials of varying thickness every hour. The equipment can separate either rigid or fine wire efficiently using minimal labor and energy, resulting in 99.9% pure recovery of valuable copper components!

Copper is the most valuable non-ferrous metal used for widespread industrial use. Its properties are not tarnished over time, and demand has historically increased. Recovering copper for reuse and recycling is very financially savvy with the MG 150. Your materials costs are low because discarded wire and cable materials and relatively inexpensive and plentiful. An added benefit is that you are also reducing the volume of discarded material in landfills and helping to protect the environment.

How Does the MG-150 Work?

The MG 150 cable granulator is a recovery system designed to separate aluminum or copper from a wide variety of discarded wire or cable formats. This compact granulator reduces cables and wires to granular sizes using a GR 300 blade configuration. The metal granules are then separated by weight from other materials like plastic through an airflow process, in which an adjustable flow of air separates the lighter components from the heavier. At the end of the process the granules empty into two separate bins.

Some parts of the MG 150 are sound proof to reduce the noise generated by the pulverizing process. The machine includes a self-cleaning feature that removes industrial dust, which helps you reduce the amount of time needed for maintenance.


In addition to the included Turbo attachment, which separates fine or capillary-sized wire, we recommend adding the 600-Series Tritronic Pre-Shredder in order to reduce the variable cable and wiring input to a more easily workable consistency. Pre-shredding maximizes the yield of your total granular separation and speeds up the process.


MG 150

  • Dimensions: 116”x51”x110”
  • Weight: 4,360 lbs.
  • Production: up to 550lbs per hour
  • Motor: 28 HP

Tritronic 600-Series Pre-Shredder

  • Dimensions: 86”x27”x125”
  • Weight: 4,409 lbs.
  • Motor: Available in 20HP, 25HP, and 30HP

Loading Belt with Magnetic Roll Pulley

  • Motor: 0.5HP

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Copper wiring and discarded parts from vehicles, demolished structures, electric motors, and other sources can be a immediate source of income when recycled with the proper equipment. With our compact MG 150 wire granulator, used copper wiring and cable can be separated and recovered through a 99.9% effective granulating process. Get the most out of copper from scrap wires with a new or used granulator!

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