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Industrial Wire Stripping Equipment

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Solid Equipment Company stocks new, used, and refurbished wire strippers. We can ship wire strippers anywhere in North America.

One of the most popular models of industrial wire strippers is the Bronneberg Kab-W:

Kab-W Wire Strippers

The Kab-W is a surprisingly lightweight wire stripping machine with truly heavyweight capability. This versatile unit is capable of splitting thin PVC to heavily armored cables including underground cables, leads, and stainless mesh. This machine incorporates a hydraulic adjustment to adapt to each size or diameter cable. The Kab-W handles just about anything and performs the job in one pass. Processing cable diameters of approximately 1” to over 7”, the Kab-W strips 32’ of material per minute.

Unarmoured Cables & Wires

Applying three different types of mechanism, the machine can strip exterior covering and interior covering of wire in accordance with the shape and size of scrap wire or defective wire. For more detail, the machine is equipped with two parts being put together to make the stripping process to be effective: thickness selective stripping part and thickness adjustable stripping part.

The thickness selective stripping part can cut and strip the interior covering of wire by selecting the thickness of interior wiring inserted into wire with the upper pressure roller of exterior covering cutting part repeatedly opening and closing.

The thickness adjustable stripping part can strip the interior wiring by adjusting the cut depth according to the thickness of interior wiring

Which Is the Best Wire Stripping Machine for You?

Purchasing a New or Used Wire Stripper

Recycling scrap wire components efficiently can be profitable. Aluminum and copper retain their essential attributes when recycled into:

  • New wiring
  • Cable
  • Electric motors

As a result, the market price for these recycled metals is relatively high compared to mining new metals.

The economic key to the recovery of precious metals is the equipment. Solid Equipment Company has partnered with the top manufacturers in the metal recycling industry to provide equipment tailored for your specific needs.

For non-ferrous separation from wire and cable of specific diameters, Solid Equipment Company sells and supports Bronneberg wire strippers. These machines separate the valuable copper and aluminum from their coatings or housings for easy recycling. Depending on the model, our equipment can process hundreds of feet of wire per minute and separate the metal from even the toughest insulators.

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Why Do You Need Wire Strippers?

It is virtually impossible to strip enough wire by hand to make the process pay off. Bronneberg wire stripping equipment is available in four sizes with multiple ways to strip a wide variety of diameters with the same machine. Our range is from 1/16” in diameter up to cables which are 7” in diameter.

The powerful Kab-W is capable of stripping heavy, armored cable of varying diameters up to 7-inches. This equipment can separate copper from lead-coated, steel tape-armored, and even stainless steel-jacketed coatings.

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Trust Solid Equipment Company for Your Industrial Recycling Machines

Solid Equipment Company specializes in top of the line recycling equipment. For reclaiming value from those old wires and cables, we’ve teamed with Bronneberg to supply the latest technology in industrial wire stripping.

Depending upon the volume and the range of diameters of the cable or wire to be stripped, we can offer wire stripping machines that are the most economical solution. We will help you to select the right industrial wire strippers for your own circumstances and needs. Bronneberg wire stripping equipment is capable of stripping cables from 1/16” up to 7” in diameter. Choosing the right wire stripping machine can save you money by recovering value, without becoming a burdensome expense.

If you are interested in purchasing industrial wire strippers, contact Solid Equipment Company!

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Our experts can help you to solve any of your industrial wire stripping and recycling challenges. Determining the volume and type of wire and cable to process is the first step in selecting the appropriate equipment. Recycling metals for future use can play a significant role in your company profitability. Contact Solid Equipment Company now for your wire stripping machine anywhere nationwide!