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Industrial Recycling Equipment Guide

Access to the proper industrial recycling equipment is the key to an efficient and profitable business. With so many machines available for different purposes, how do you know which ones are best suited for the application at hand? Use this industrial recycling equipment guide to help you answer that question.

Wire Granulators

The copper and aluminum found inside industrial cables and wiring often go to waste. With the proper wire granulator, you can efficiently recycle and recover these valuable components. Find a model designed for the capacity and type of cable you need to process. Your options include:

Hydraulic Shears

Industrial hydraulic shears reduce scrap metal to a more manageable size. Whether you need powerful shears for bulky jobs or handheld shears for more precise work, you can find a product to meet your needs. Your options include:

Wire Strippers

Recycling scrap wire components can be very profitable. If you need to strip and separate wiring of various diameters and materials, wire strippers are the right tool for the job. The Kab-W is a popular model capable of splitting everything from thin PVC to heavily armored underground cables and steel mesh.

Vehicle Recycling Equipment

Meet the challenges of car recycling with a range of equipment designed to drain, dismantle, separate, depollute, and recycle motor vehicles.

  • Vehicle drainage: Remove up to 98% of liquids from end-of-life vehicles quickly, cleanly, and efficiently—without spilling a drop.
  • Vehicle rack and drainage: An optional drainage platform makes it easier than ever to extract gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, antifreeze, and other vehicle liquids.
  • Vehicle tilting table: A hydraulically controlled table tilts vehicles to the side, making underside access easier.
  • Mobile vehicle dismantling container: Take your vehicle dismantling services anywhere with a mobile container. It opens up into a covered workstation complete with a static vehicle ramp, double diaphragm pumps, catchment areas, and preinstalled tank lines and connections.
  • Airbag deployment: This system neutralizes airbags and seatbelt tensioners at a reduced noise level and without particulate residue.
  • A/C removal: Vehicle air conditioning systems contain potentially hazardous refrigerants. An A/C removal system safely degasses automotive air conditioners without harming the environment.
  • Fuel extraction: A clean, low-cost fuel extractor is essential for vehicle depollution before it ends up in a scrapyard.
  • Fuel tank drill: The unique water and sediment separation system included with a fuel tank drill ensures you retrieve clean, reusable fuel from end-of-life vehicles.
  • Handheld hydraulic shears: While they have numerous applications, handheld shears are often used for separating car parts for reuse or recycling.
  • Wheel lug lock buster: This tool is the easiest way to remove a vehicle’s wheels without the locking nut key.
  • Wheel popper: Remove scrap tire material from steel and alloy rims at up to 240 units per hour with this efficient tire removal machine.
  • Electric motor recycling machines: Rugged, specialized equipment can split motor casings to recover the valuable copper and aluminum inside.

Miscellaneous Industrial Recycling Equipment

What other industrial recycling solutions do you need? Many assorted machines are available to meet your needs.

  • Scrap metal balers: This equipment makes it easy to compress large metal objects into small, transportable pieces.
  • Roll splitters: Cut up surplus or defective aluminum coils and other packing material reels for recycling purposes.
  • Dust suppression equipmentIndustrial recycling can generate dust, odor, and smoke. An electric, gas, PTO, or hydraulic-powered misting system makes the environment more pleasant for workers.
  • Hammer mills: Break up electric motors, transformers, copper meatballs, green boards, and much more.
  • Eddy current separators: By separating small aluminum chips from shredded and ground plastic, you can achieve the cleanest plastic flakes possible.
  • Stainless steel separation conveyors: A patented magnetic circuit design recovers stainless steel and ferrous dust from auto shredding and wire chopping streams.
  • Magnets: Whether you recycle plastic, electronics, tires, paper, metal, or wood, cross-belt magnets are ideal for purifying the product stream.
  • Electromagnetic overband magnets: This compact system is smaller and lighter than other magnets without any compromise in separation performance.
  • Drum separator magnets: This system removes iron contamination while the clean product stream continues its normal trajectory.

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